An Idjit who hates Desmond. His website is here: 

Adam Sandler
Adam sandler
Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliated With Idjits, Bobby, Eccleston
Family None
Species Human(We Think)
Rank Bishop of Idjitism


On August 24th, 2014, Adam Sandler attacked, allied with Darth PeteBobby and Eccleston. They poisoned Hawthorne Pride Wipes with Eccleston poisoning, and kidnapped Little Licker during the night. They put Little Licker's face on the product, so Ginges would buy it.

Almost all Ginges were then turned into Ecclestons by the next day. Known survivors were Mclovin(Cool David), Mclovin(Fishgrunt), Ted Mosby and Funky PeteDarth Pete went to go kill Funky Pete for the Funk, and suceeded. They then used an Eccleston turned Marshall(Old) to find out where Mclovin(Fishgrunt) was. They proceeded to Fishgrunt's house, and tied him up. During this time, they also tied up Ted Mosby, and forced him to a fouth broadcast. The Ecclepocalypse had come. Bobby called Mclovin(Cool David), and said "I win". Then, out of nowhere, Pierce came in and shot everyone with a paintball gun, said "I win" and left.

Later he was revealed to have been hiding in Sydney, Australia. He has now returned to Idjiton. (Sandler's Return)

Family and FriendsEdit

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: None

Children: Andy Samberg

Friends: Vanilla Ice

Enemies: Desmond, Ranjeet, Ginges

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