Vital statistics
Aliases Elliot Cubit, Bradley Cubit, Cubit
Affiliated With Idjits
Family Unknown
Species Human
Rank Idjit

Ep is a friend to the Mclovins, and a Ginge.

History Edit

Fishgrunt and Cool David met Ep in the summer of 2014.

Later they learned he was friends with Kevin(Kumar) and a guy named Eric.

It was later discovered that he was friends with a fake Kumar, that was working for Bobby. Also, Eric was an idjit. Eric then converted Ep against his will, into an Idjit.

On April 23rd, 2015, Ep was converted back to Gingerism.

On May 12, 2015, Ep discovered The Purple Five vandalizing Ranjit Awakens and started hunting them.

Family and Friends Edit

Friends: Fishgrunt Gamgee, Cool David Films, Eric, Kumar(Fake)

Enemies: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

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