A Gingypus is often mistaken for dog, but is actually a much fatter creature with many supernatural abilties and roles. There are 19 Gingypuses in total, and the wherabouts of all of them are unknown. There is always one Gingy Elderpus, who is the eldest of the Gingypuses, and is their ruler. The prime enemy of the Gingypuses are the Mithril Cats. There is also always one Ginger Wolf, who is the nominated each month by Gingicans. All Gingypuses have a Gingican that they are tied to. This Gingican is often their owner.

IMG 0820

Gingypus Fat(0)

Gingypus Fat (AKA Gingypus 0)Edit

Gingypus Fat (AKA Gingypus 0) is currently the Gingy Elderpus. His Gingican is Fishgrunt Gamgee.

Gingypus 1Edit

Gingypus 1 is the Messenger Gingypus. His Gingican is Fishgrunt Gamgee. For some reason, for a short time he was owned by Funky Pete in the show 'Licked'.
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Gingypus 1

Gingypus 2Edit

Gingypus 2 is the Assassin Gingypus. Her Gingican is Fishgrunt Gamgee.
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Gingypus 2

Gingypus 3Edit

Gingypus 3 is the Warrior Gingypus. His Gingican is Cool David Films.

Gingypus 4Edit

Gingypus 4 is fat. Her Gingican is Cool David Films.

Gingypus 8Edit

Gingypus 8 is only known to have a skype account with a picture of armadillo eggs on it. His role, and wherabouts are unknown.

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