Jeff Winger
Vital statistics
Aliases Winger, Jeff Winger 'Hero At Law'
Affiliated With The Study Group
Family Step-Brother - Fat Kid Winger
Species Human
Rank Gingican
 Jeff Winger is a Ginge. His Ginge-Father is Little Licker.


In 1998, Jeff Winger became a lawyer and tried to sue Bill Nye for being fat, but failed.

In his misery he died for 6 years, but then in 2004 he came back to life so he could meet Spiderman. (Fatterman 2)

He died again until 2008, when he stole a deer named Elliots indentity.

The next year, he went to Greendale Community College. (Leonardmunity)

Sometime in 2012, he left Greendale to work at a random fatplace. (Haaaaaave you met TED)

He then returned to Greendale.

At an one point he was in a song called I Want to Hold Your Troy.

Family and FriendsEdit

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Brothers/Sisters: None

Sons/Daughters: None

Friends: Troy, Abed, Britta, Shirley, Annie

Enemies: Pierce, Leonard

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