Korgfat 9
Vital statistics
Aliases None
Affiliated With Gollum, Bobby, Shia
Family None
Species Human
Korgfat 9, it's licking time!


 Korgfat9 is a Gingican. His Ginge-Father is Funky Pete. His catchprase is 'Korgfat9, it's licking time!'


All that is known of him until 2004 is that he lived on Mount Livepens in his Camp of Dreams.

In 2004, he went on a journey with Boromir. (Korgfat9's Treasure)

In 2007, he decided to become Ghost Rider. (Korg Rider 9)

Later in 2007, he went on another journey, but this time with Phil Dunphy. (Korgfat9's Treasure: Phil of Secrets)

2 years later, he turned into a hamster named Speckles and ran away from Davy Jones . (Davy-Force)

The next year, in 2010, he became a sorcerer and attacked Doctor Octopus. (Korgfat9's Apprentice)

In 2011, he wanted to attack witches. (Season of the Licks)

Later that year he became Korg Rider 9 again, and attacked Thor's friend Heimdall. (KorgRider9: Heimdall of Vengance).

On June 12th, 2015, the Mclovins led an investigation in Korgfat's house. What they found was unbelievable. Korgfat had many terrorist plans, and bombs in his house reminding him to blow up New Salt. He also had a Gollumization Chamber in his attic, confirming recent suspicions of his affiliation with Gollum. They also found the almost Gollumized Jack Sparrow, and C3PO, who are currently undergoing tests to stop the process. There were many dead bodies in his basement, such as Hugo Weaving, Iron Man, Marty McFly, and Saruman. There were signs on the wall that read 'Hail Bobby' and 'Kill Mclovins'. There was even one saying 'Summon Gloam', which is the Gloamglozer God. Worst of all was his garage full of apparent 'Failed Pete Clones'. More investigation is underway now.

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