Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliated With Ginge-Lords, Gingicans
Family Lily - Wife

Marvin - Son Marvin - Father

Species Human
Rank Gingican/Ginge-Lord


Marshall(Old) first was teleported from the future to Newton Haven where he told stories to the Funky Five(I).

In 2001, he was sent to watch over Rupert Grint in Hogwarts, so he became the caretaker known as Argus Filch.(The Rupert's Stone)

In 2002 he was still at Hogwarts watching over Rupert Grint.(The Chamber of Gingers)

He continued to work at Hogwarts during the time of 'The Prisoner of Grintkaban) in 2004.

The next year he stayed for the 'Goblet of Ginges'.

In 2007 he was sent to go give guns to Funky Pete to aid him in his battle against the Shirley's. (Pete's Fuzz).

He came back the next day for the events of 'The Order of the Ginger's'.



2 years later he was present for the events of 'The Half-Blood Grint'.

In 2010 he was turned into a vulture alien called a Shansheeth to fake David Tennant's death. (Death of the David)

While doing so, he accidentally missed the events of 'The Ginger Hallows', but came back the next year for 'The Ginger Hallows Part 2'.

Later that year, he was sent to go watch over Captain America in a tower. (Captain America: The First Fatvenger)

1 year later, in 2012, he was sent to bring some dinosaurs to Ross for his birthday, but Fatt Smith attacked him, so he had to fake his death. (Marshallsaurs on a Spaceship)

In 2013 he was sent to watch over David Tennant . (Broadlicks)

A couple months later Funky Pete came running over and asked him to join him on a quest to find Bilbo, so he came and wasn't sure if Chang, Garrett, and Marshall(Young) were supposed to be there, but didn't ask. Little did he know that he had just joined the second Funky Five.

A couple days later he recieved a call to go rescue the Funky Five(1) from a terrible fate.(The World's Ranch)

Family and FriendsEdit

Mother: Mashall's Mom

Father: Marvin Eriksen

Brothers: Marshall's Brothers

Sisters: None

Son: Marvin Eriksen II

Daughters: None

Wife: Lily Aldrin

Friends: Ted Mosby, Funky Pete, Rupert Grint, Barney Stinson, Robin Scherbatsky, Lily Aldrin, Ranjeet,  Garrett(FAT), Bilbo, Guido, and Jonnhare.

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