Pintalope Country is the small territory given to the Pintalopes to reside in. It is located between the Idjit Lands and Glowing Bullfrog Paradise. Crystal Shurikens are banned there due to their spooky effect on Pintalopes.

History Edit

August 17th, 2015 - The Pintalope Massacre - It began when Adam Sandler was returning to the Idjit Lands with Linus. This was during one of the Pintalope Country's many Screech Fests. Pintalope Fredifo was contacted by Rupert Grint to bring Adam Sandler to the Screech Fest, so that Jesse and Skinny Pete could set up a fake shuriken deal, so Kumar and Abed could ambush him. Unfortunately the plan failed when Eccleston arrived, and the massacre began. Dozens of Pintalopes were brutally murdered. Skinny Pete faced near death, and Abed Nadir was stabbed. Rupert Grint called in Gamgee and some Ginges as reinforcements. Eventually the Idjits retreated, and Linus was rescued, but their were too many casualties to call it a victory.

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