Pintalope Fredifo is a Ginigican. He is the only known Pintalope. 

Pintalope Fredifo
Pintalope fredifo
Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliated With Gingicans
Family None
Species Pintalope
Rank Gingican


At one point he was trapped on an island(Stabbed Away)

In 2002, he began a hunt for Rauron(Lick Me If You Can)

He was in a movie called Pintalope Fredifo, made by the same people as Tim the Movie. The movie has never been found.

After being contacted by Rupert Grint, he was part of the plan to attack Adam Sandler and rescue Linus, which incidentally started the Pintalope Massacre.

Family and FriendsEdit

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: None

Children: None

Friends: None

Enemies: None

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