Samwise Gamgee is the eighth Ginge-Lord. He owns a Tater Barn food chain in Licktopia

Sam Gamgee
Gamgee, trying to figure out why he was so fat.
Vital statistics
Aliases The 8th Ginge-Lord, Gamgee, Samwise
Affiliated With Ginge-Lords, The Fellowlick
Family Brother - Fishgrunt Gamgee
Species Hobbit
Rank Ginge-Lord
Potatoes by blondesanta

Sam telling the world about his new found discovery


Sam was born on Left-A-Bit Earth, and was Frodo's gardener. Later, he went on a quest with him to destroy the Ginger Ring. (Lord of the Ginges).

He is not known to have left Left-A-Bit-Earth, but was apparently in Sawyer's dream, where he befriended Sawyer. Somehow, he actually experienced the dream, and remembers it. (Go Home)

On August 17th 2015, he was sent by Rupert Grint to help fight Eccleston and Adam Sandler at the Pintalope Massacre.

Family and FriendsEdit

Father: The Gaffer

Mother: Unknown

Brother: Fishgrunt Gamgee

Sisters: None

Sons/Daughters: None

Friends: Frodo, Sawyer, Curtis, Pippin, Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli, Aragorn, Boromir, Fishgrunt Gamgee

Enemies: Gollum

Shanley Sandler's TheoryEdit

In 1266, Sam Gamgee was taken away from his home, his garden and his true love Ave Maria by order of the great Gandolf the Grey. He was used as monster bait as he helped Frodo Baggins destroy one of the best things in the world, The One Ring". Many People thought that the ring was bad and evil, but that's a diffrent story. 

1299 was the year that Sam Gamgee left Frodo, Ave Maria and the shire for seek of a better life.

(After this point in time in it unclear what happened. Gingies belive that he found an worm hole to the future and heard The All Mighty Ranjeet Say that he has been chosen to be a Ginge-Lord and that he must go to the future to meet the other Ginge-Lords. Naturally he left Middle Earth and went to live with the Ginge-Lords and help spread Gingerism. All this happened at around 1300-03.)

In 1965 Sam Gamgee discovered a brown lump under his plant Josh and disided to call it the Potato. He wanted to try to make a word that could be sais wierdly in most languages ,exept english, as posable.

Some of the ways to say potato:

French is Pomme de Terre meaning Apple of the Earth.


Sam is FAT

In 1994 a team of highly trained Idjits lead by Pierce Dead captured him and took his to a Idjitism holy ground and tryed to convert him. This proses took 15 years.

In 2009 the Idjits sucseaded in converting Sam to an Idjit. He than started spreading Idjitism to the world.

In 2010 the remaning Ginge-Lords found out what he was doing and summoned Ave Maria to help them.

When the finally traked him down in 2012 he had converted 200-250 people to Idjits, but once he saw Ave Maria he ran to her. But he could not touch her because she had been a Ginger of time ago, and was pretected by anything to do with Idjits. Not being able to touch his love, his passion changed him back into a Ginge-Lord.

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